The term “sinonasal tumours” includes a large spectrum of diseases, which are characterized by heterogeneous biological behavior and prognosis, and located in a critical anatomic area. Diagnosis and treatment of sinonasal tumours require the contribution of different disciplines. A narrative review was performed to highlight the role of surgeons in contributing to a multidisciplinary approach to sinonasal tumours. Diagnosis and staging of sinonasal tumours is challenging and requires collaboration between surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists. The identification and management of critical extensions (orbital or intracranial encroachment, vascular abutment or encasement) is fundamental for successful treatment. Most cases of advanced sinonasal tumours can undergo surgical intervention by an adequately trained otorhinolaryngological team. The contribution of neurosurgeons and oculoplastic surgeons is required in selected scenarios. In rare circumstances, multidisciplinary reconstructive strategies can be indicated for complex tissue defects. Furthermore, a multidisciplinary approach is pivotal in the management of perioperative complications. While surgery remains the mainstay of treatment, the role of non-surgical adjuvant or even exclusive treatments is constantly expanding.