Pathologies of the lacrimal drainage system range from benign to malignant lesions. However, independently of the etiological origin, the most common presenting symptom is represented by epiphora due to the dysfunction of the lacrimal system. Different diagnostic tools are now available, but for the most the first diagnostic approach is characterized by an ophthalmological visit, associated with nasal endoscopy, usually performed by an otolaryngologist. Frequently the diagnostic work-up is completed with a radiological exam (e.g. maxilla-facial CT or dacryocystography), whose role is still to be determined. Once a diagnosis has been made, different treatments are available in relation to the type of the disease, and commonly need close cooperation between an ENT and ophthalmic surgeon given the close anatomical structures involved. Taking into account all these aspects, the aim of this review is to highlight how a multidisciplinary approach to lacrimal pathologies is mandatory from diagnosis to treatment in order to offer the best clinical approach.