Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) gel has been used in several conditions to enhance wound healing processes. The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate clinical outcomes in patients who underwent superficial parotidectomy with and without the use of PRP gel at the surgical field. Fifty-nine patients underwent superficial parotidectomy with preservation of the facial nerve for benign tumours. In 21 cases, PRP gel was added on the remaining parotid gland and facial nerve branches. Clinical characteristics, complications, length of hospitalisation and duration of the drainage tube maintenance were recorded. The median duration of drainage tube maintenance was 2 and 3 days, and median hospital stay was 3 and 4 days in the PRP-group and non-PRP-group, respectively. Facial palsy and salivary complications (sialocele and salivary fistula) were more frequent in the non-PRP-group. The use of PRP gel seems to have positive effects on clinical outcomes in superficial parotidectomy for benign tumours. It represents an efficient and low-cost adjunct that can lower complications.