Cutaneous basal cell carcinoma (cBCC) is the most common malignancy diagnosed in the human population. cBCC presents an increasingincidence which, in the near future, will be higher than all other cancers combined. The majority of cBCC are located in the head and theneck. A diversity of management modalities is currently available; nonetheless, surgical excision remains the main modality of treatment.cBCC rarely metastasises and presents a low mortality rate. cBCC morbidity is influenced by local invasion and destruction, especially inthe face, where function and aesthetics are major issues. Easy accessibility to the face and skin on the neck makes cBCC an important issuefor otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgeons who must be aware and committed in its management, as the main modality of treatmentcontinues to be surgical. The aim of this review is to present a brief and practical overview of head and neck cBCC management for ear,nose and throat (ENT) surgeons, discussing key issues about its epidemiology, risk factors, diagnosis and pathogenesis.